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Posted on January 7, 2018

Polished Concrete is a high quality and economical flooring solution that exhibits the raw beauty of exposed concrete with the industrial performance of a long lasting floor. Polished concrete is achieved through grinding the floor several times with progressively finer diamond tooling. Because polishing is a multistep process, you can choose the level of sheen – from matte to high-gloss. During the polishing process, an impregnating chemical hardener called densifier is applied to the floor in order to harden the concrete and increase abrasion resistance, stain resistance and anti-dusting qualities. Stain guards are often used as the last step in polishing in order to provide an additional layer of stain resistance. Customers can add dyes and stains to change or enhance the color of the concrete.
Advantages of Polished Concrete

Cost Effective
Low Maintenance
Industrial Grade Performance
Perfect for any industry – Industrial, Corporate, Retail and many more!

With our multi-step grinding process for concrete polishing, Pennsylvania, NYC, and NJ spaces can enjoy lustrous, smooth, polished concrete flooring, topped with an artisan quality gem finish. The Gem System from Concrete Flooring Technologies can be stained with various translucent or pigmented finishes to replicate the aesthetic of natural polished stone.

Thanks to recent advances in concrete polishing equipment and techniques, polished concrete has become the ultimate no-wax flooring system. No matter the age or state of your current floor, the Gem system can instantly provide a high-gloss, satin finish that will never need waxing or special coatings. With the CFT system, you can instantly transform even the dullest floor.

Numerous people are turning to the CFT System for optimal flooring in:

Art studios
Commercial spaces
Retail stores

Concrete Flooring Technologies always provides flooring that conforms to the highest standard of durability and beauty. Due to the Gem System’s incomparable resistance to wear, very little maintenance is required. It’s no wonder that the many retail, office, and warehouse spaces in NYC, Pennsylvania, and Northern and Central NJ prefer polished concrete from CFT over tile, marble, or granite.

Say goodbye to waxing and hello to high-shine, artisan flooring. For more information on concrete polishing, NYC, NJ and PA area residents and business owners can contact a Prep-Crete representative by email or by calling 610-600-0306.

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