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New Concrete Floor Polished

CFT has become known for its innovative and creative solutions to concrete grinding and polishing.  Concrete Floor Technologies was founded on 5 guiding principles:


  • 1.)   Provide a consistent and superior product in the marketplace that is cost effective and low maintenance.
  • 2.)   Implement a strong research and development program to look for better solutions and products that will continue to produce superior results and establish CFT as the leader in innovation.
  • 3.)   Work with the customer to achieve a product that they will be pleased with and will continue to talk about well into the future.
  • 4.)    Recruit top-notch employees and educate them through CFT’s well developed training program and job satisfaction systems.  The result is creative and innovative employees that provide the customer with excellent project results.
  • 5.)    To maintain a CFT System quality control program exclusive to CFT, in order to guarantee consistent and superior results.


These guiding principles have accelerated CFT in the marketplace and rapidly established the company as one that will always deliver results on-time and as specified.  Experience the CFT System today by contacting us toll-free at (610) 600-0306.

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