In addition to beauty and ease of upkeep, the health benefits and sustainability, and low maintenance are also big factors driving homeowners to look at CFT as a top flooring option. Because polished concrete has a very dense finished surface, it inhibits the collection of dirt and dust which can be trapped in carpet and become airborne along with allergens and other pollutants. Polished concrete “breathes” allowing moisture to escape naturally. Low cost due to no other materials being needed–the slab is the flooring, results in reduced cost and longevity.

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Commercial solution has been developed and refined since its launch in 2013 and has been used in thousands of square feet of decorative  floors around the Tri-State Area. As a result, CFT can provide a polished concrete flooring product with optimized properties and predicable performance every time.

polished concrete promotes a clean and professional image in any business environment and does this without sacrificing its durability and longevity giving businesses.

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CFT provides warehouses and manufacturing facilities functional floors that are durable and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Polished concrete is less abrasive so it’s easy on tires minimizing wear and tear on equipment and vehicles. The low maintenance keep the facilities operational with zero down time. The densification process will eliminate efflorescence dusting common to large facilities. Increase lighting from the polish reflectiveness creates a safer environment that is more energy efficient.

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Why Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is vastly becoming “the go-to” flooring choice of architects, designers, corporations, small business and home owners, and the reasons are plenty.  Polished concrete is beautiful, functional, durable, environmentally friendly, low-maintenance, and the most cost-effective flooring option available.

New Concrete Floor Polished

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